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CMDI is a cooperative providing medical imaging equipment for non-profit healthcare facilities. We provide medical imaging equipment, mobile and fixed, on a per scan or monthly flat fee basis and are responsible for all service contracts and related applications.

A note from the president

At CMDI, we pride ourselves in supporting our member/owner hospitals and health systems in providing exceptional care to the patients and communities we serve. As a non-profit cooperative, CMDI works directly with non-profit hospitals and health systems throughout the Midwest to provide a growing complement of diagnostic imaging capabilities. In return, member hospitals are provided imaging services on either a per scan or flat monthly rate basis.

Beyond our commitment to providing high-quality service back to our member hospitals, CMDI further sets ourselves apart with semi-annual equity distributions back to our members based upon equity which they earn over time. As a non-profit cooperative, all excess margins from the cooperative are distributed back to our member facilities twice a year. There is no cost or upfront investment to join the cooperative a membership is an inherent component of choosing to use CMDI for one or more of your imaging needs.

Finally, as a former hospital CEO for 23 years prior to assuming the role as President of CMDI in April 2018, I have experienced firsthand the benefit and value which CMDI brings. I would welcome the opportunity to visit further with you about CMDI’s history and to better understand how we can assist in meeting your imaging needs. Together with our member facilities we strive to meet the needs of the patients and communities we serve.


Chad Cooper

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